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New Arrivals

Adult Nonfiction
Adult Nonfiction

A World on the Wing

In the past two decades, our understanding of the navigational and physiological feats that enable birds to cross immense oceans, fly above the highest mountains, or remain in unbroken flight for months at a stretch has exploded. What we’ve learned of these key migrations―how billions of birds circumnavigate the globe, flying tens of thousands of miles between hemispheres on an annual basis―is nothing short of extraordinary.

Bird migration entails almost unfathomable endurance, like a sparrow-sized sandpiper that will fly nonstop from Canada to Venezuela―the equivalent of running 126 consecutive marathons without food, water, or rest―avoiding dehydration by “drinking” moisture from its own muscles and organs, while orienting itself using the earth’s magnetic field through a form of quantum entanglement that made Einstein queasy. Crossing the Pacific Ocean in nine days of nonstop flight, as some birds do, leaves little time for sleep, but migrants can put half their brains to sleep for a few seconds at a time, alternating sides―and their reaction time actually improves.

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How to Hold Animals Toshimitus Matsuhashi
Icebound Andrea Pitzer
I’m So Effing Tired Amy Dhah M.D.
Little Platoons Matt Feeney
The Lupus Book Daniel Wallace M.D.
Mayo Clinic Guide to a Health Pregnancy Myra J. Wick M.D. Ph.D
Mayo Clinic Guideon Alzhemer’s Disease Johnathon Graff-radford M.D.
More Bad Days in History Micheal Farquhar
Mulitple Sclerosis Jock Murray
Navigating Life With epliespy David Spencer M.D.
The Secert World of Weather Tristan Gooley
Walk in My Combat Boots James Patterson
Wintering Katherine May
1000+ Little Habits of Happy Sucessful Relationships Marc & Angel Chemoff
The Babysitter Liza Rodman
Between Two Kingdom Suleika Jaouad
Bicyling With Butterflies Sara Dykman
Big Kibble Shawn Buckley
Burn Herman ponzier Ph.D
E.O. Wilson Edward o. Wilson
Fans Larry Olmsted
Adult Fiction

The Final Twist

Just hours after the harrowing events of The Never Game and The Goodbye Man, Colter Shaw finds himself in San Francisco, where he has taken on the mission his father began years ago: finding a missing courier bag containing evidence that will bring down a corporate espionage firm responsible for hundreds, perhaps thousands, of deaths.

Following the enigmatic clues his father left behind, Shaw plays cat and mouse with the company’s sadistic enforcers, as he speeds from one gritty neighborhood in the City by the Bay to another. Suddenly, the job takes on a frightening urgency: Only by finding the courier bag can he expose the company and stop the murder of an entire family–slated to die in forty-eight hours.

With the help of an unexpected figure from his past, and with the enforcers closing the net, Shaw narrows in on the truth–and learns that the courier bag contains something unexpected: a secret that could only be described as catastrophic.

Filled with dozens of twists and reversals, The Final Twist is a nonstop race against time to save the family…. and to keep the devastating secret Shaw has uncovered from falling into the wrong hands.

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View New Adult Fiction
    Release Date
All the Children are Home Patry Francis 4/13/2021
Animal Instinct David Rosenfelt 4/3/2021
Bone rattle Marc Cameron 4/27/2021
The Book Store on the Beach Brenda Novak 4/6/2021
The Cottage of Lighthouse Lane Davis Bunn 4/27/2021
The Darling Dahlias and the Voodoo Lily Susan Wittig Albert 4/6/2021
Death With a Double Edge Anne Perry 4/13/2021
A Distance Shore Karen Kingsbury 4/27/2021
The Drowning Kind Jennifer McMahon 4/6/2021
Early Morning Riser Katherine Heiny 4/13/2021
The Elephant of Belfast Kirk S. Walsh 4/6/2021
Finding Ashley Danielle Steel 4/27/2021
The Five Wounds Kristin Valdez Quade 4/6/2021
A Gambling Man David Baldacci 4/20/2021
The Good Sister Sally Hepworth 4/13/2021
Greater Good Timothy Zahn 4/27/2021
In the Company of Killers Bryan Christy 4/13/2021
The Last Exiles Ann Shin 4/6/2021
The Last Thing to Burn Will Dean 4/20/2021
Life’s to Short Abby Jimenez 4/6/2021
Lover Unveiled J.R. Ward 4/20/2021
The Music of Bees Eileen Garvin 4/27/2021
The Night Always Comes Willy Vlautin 4/6/2021
Ocean Prey John Sanford 4/13/2021
The Perfect Daughter D.J. Palmer 4/20/2021
The Social Graces Renee Rose 4/20/2021
Stargazer Anne Hillerman 4/13/2021
Three Missing Days Collen Coble 4/6/2021
Turn a Blind Eye Jeffery Archer 4/13/2021
When the Stars Go Dark Puala McLain 4/13/2021
 Teens and Juniors

Luck of the Titanic

Valora Luck has two things: a ticket for the biggest and most luxurious ocean liner in the world, and a dream of leaving England behind and making a life for herself as a circus performer in New York. Much to her surprise though, she’s turned away at the gangway; apparently, Chinese aren’t allowed into America.

But Val has to get on that ship. Her twin brother Jamie, who has spent two long years at sea, is there, as is an influential circus owner, whom Val hopes to audition for. Thankfully, there’s not much a trained acrobat like Val can’t overcome when she puts her mind to it.

As a stowaway, Val should keep her head down and stay out of sight. But the clock is ticking and she has just seven days as the ship makes its way across the Atlantic to find Jamie, perform for the circus owner, and convince him to help get them both into America.

Then one night the unthinkable happens, and suddenly Val’s dreams of a new life are crushed under the weight of the only thing that matters: survival.


View Teens Books
Teen and Tweens
Ascent Roland Smith
Black Canary Alexandra Monir
The Cousins Karen Mc Manus
Day One Kelly DeVos
Demon Slayer 16 Koyoharu Gotouge
demon Slayer Kimetsu No Yaiba 18 Koyoharu Gotouge
Demon Salyer Kimetsu No Yabia 19 Koyoharu Gotouge
Descent Roland Smith
The Edge Roland Smith
Five Total Strangers Natalie Richards
Kmoi Can’t Communicate 10 Tomohito Oda
Peak Roland Smith
The Promised Neverland 16 Kaiu Shirai
The Promised Neverland 17 Kaiu Shirai
Shine Jesica Jung
This is How We fly Anna Meriano
The vanishing Deep Astrid Scholte
Glimpsed G.F. Miller
Happily Ever After Elise Bryant
Lore Alexandra Bracken
Tales From the Hinterland Melissa Albert
This Will be Funny Someday Katie Henery
A Vow So Bold and Deadly Brigid Kemmerer
Chlorine Sky Mahogany Browne
Concrete Rose Angie Thomas
View Junior Fiction/Non-Fiction


Amulet 6 Kazu Kibuishi
Amulet 7 Kazu Kibuishi
Amulet 8 Kazu Kibuishi
The Boy on the Wooden Box Leon Leyson
How to Apologize David LARochelle
Kid Chef Junior Bakes Charity Matthews
Never After Melissa De La Cruz
Stir Wisk Bake America’s Test Kitchen
The Ultimate Roblox Handbook Kevin Pettman
Who Was Catherine the Great Pamela Pollack
A Year of Everyday Wonders Cheryl Klein
You Matter Christian Robinson

Old Enough to Save the Planet

An inspiring look at young climate change activists who are changing the world

The world is facing a climate crisis like we’ve never seen before. And kids around the world are stepping up to raise awareness and try to save the planet. As people saw in the youth climate strike in September 2019, kids will not stay silent about this subject—they’re going to make a change. Meet 12 young activists from around the world who are speaking out and taking action against climate change. Learn about the work they do and the challenges they face, and discover how the future of our planet starts with each and every one of us.

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View Children's Books

Picture Books

Aster and the Accidential Magic Thorn Pico
Aster and the Mixed up Magic Thorn Pico
The Chicken Who Couldn’t Jan Thomas
Eye by Eye Sara Levine
The Great Escape Alan Katz
I Found a Kitty Troy Cummings
If You Come to earth Sophie Blackall
The Bear Went Over The Mountian Jane Cabrera
Katie thecat Sitter Collen Venable
Lift Le Minh
Little Blue Truck’s Valentine Alice Schertle
The  Little Mermaid Jerry Pinkney
The Night Before Christmas Clement Clark Moore
One Step Futher Kathrine Johnson
Oona Kelly Dipucchio
Pax Sara Pennypacker
Teb Ways to Hear Snow Cathy Camper
The tiger’s Nest Trudi Trueit
Love and Friendship

The Marksman

Jim is a former Marine who lives a solitary life as a rancher along the Arizona-Mexican border. But his peaceful existence soon comes crashing down when he tries to protect a boy on the run from members of a vicious cartel.

Release Date May 11,2021

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View Adult Movies
Adult DVD’s

Be The Light
Black Jack: The Jack Ryan Story
Echo Boomers
Guest House
Honest Theif
Kenny Rodger Double Feature
Love in Winterland
Made in Italy
Nancy Drew Seaon One
The Crown Season one
The Crown Season Three
The Crown Season Two
The Devil Has a Name
The Reason
When the Heart Calls
Winter Castle
Winter in Vail

This is just a small sampling of the new DVD’s coming to the library.  Stop in to pick up your next favorite movie!

View Children's Movies
Children’s DVD’s

The Story of a Cowboy Angel
Festive Follies Collection
The War With Grandpa
Lego Jurassic World Double Truble
Spookley and The Christmas Kittens
Avenger Dogs

This is just a small sampling of the new DVD’s coming to the library.  Stop in to pick up your next favorite movie!

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